• Storm Safety:  Northwest storm season is here.  Be ready, be safe.

    Here are a few tips for preparing your home and your loved ones to weather storms safely.

  • Don't let grease damage your drain - scrape and wipe dishes before washing. For heavy grease: cool it, can it, trash it.

    Save yourself a holiday sewer backup!

    Scrape and wipe dishes before washing, and put heavy grease in cans to trash.

  • eBilling now available! Sign up for eBilling to get your bills online.

    Click HERE for more information and to sign up.

  • Hand checking box next to smiley face on chalkboard. Text: Tell us what you think about your services.

    Your feedback matters - and we are listening.

    Help us serve you better by taking our 2-minute survey

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Winterizing tips to protect your home pipes

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